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Koobface is dangerous malware. Koobface attacks social networks, especially facebook.com. It also targets users of bebo.com, myyearbook.com, blackplanet.com, myspace.com and friendster.com.

Koobface posts a message on social network or sends a message to everyone on victim’s contacts list. The link leads to a fraudulent website which offers downloading either a video codec or Flash player update. If user downloads the file, he/she gets a copy of Koobface worm onto computer. We advise Twitter users to avoid clicking URLs on tweets, specially if the tweet advertises a home video.

However, what it does from there is install .EXE files. If you run them, you become infected with the virus, and when you login to Twitter, the virus can automatically start tweeting out the malicious link.


TrendLabs has released Koobface and most of its components cleaner.

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Malware Defender 2009 is usually distributed by Vundo trojan (learn how to remove Vundo trojan). MalwareDefender 2009 is a successor of SpywareGuard 2009 and SystemGuard 2009 frauds.

Click here to learn more about Spyware Guard 2009 .

Click here to learn more about System Guard 2009

Malware Defender 2009 is a misleading application that pretends to perform the functions of antispyware program attempting to make users believe they have a large heap of infections to remove with Malware Defender 2009. In fact, you should first of all remove Malware Defender 2009 infection where you have been infected with, or installed manually, its trial version. Unfortunately, the full version that one must pay to install is also hazardous and annoying. Therefore, even if you have paid for this malware already, there is still a need to get rid of  Malware Defender 2009, for the full version demands from  you to buy updates. Unless you do that, it loads hundreds of alerts a day and slows computer down, exactly like the promo version does.

Antivirus 360, also known as Antivirus360, is a rogue anti-spyware program that uses false spyware results to lure you to purchase its full version. Antivirus360 is an updated version of Antivirus 2009. Other Antivirus 360 aliases that have recently appeared on the Web are: XP Antivirus 2008, Vista Antivirus 2008, Ultimate Antivirus 2008 and System Antivirus 2008.

The infection usually happens when you download video codec for your media player or when you visit malicious websites. If you download video codec from unknown websites, it may contain fake alert Trojans for downloading Antivirus 360. In both the cases you will be redirected to a unknown website which starts fake scanning of your computer and displays fake reports which says your computer is infected with Virus, Trojan and Spywares, which are all fake.

Antivirus 360 pops up exaggerated security alerts to try and scare you into buying the program. Antivirus 360 won’t remove anything — except about $50 from your credit line.

Antivirus 360 normally generates fake and misleading system popup error messages so end-users will be tricked into purchase Antivirus 360. Likely fake security popup alerts include, “Attention! If your computer is struck by the spyware, you could suffer data loss, erratic PC behaviour, PC freezes and creahes. Detect and Remove virus before they damage your computer! Antivirus 360 will perform a 100% FREE and quick scan of your computer for Viruses, Spyware and Adware. Do you want to install Antivirus 360 to scan your computer for malware now? (Recommended)”


Antivirus 360 removal

Antivirus 360 removal guide:  manual antivirus 360 spyware removal instruction.

If you want an easier  antivirus 360 remove method,  you can try the Antivirus 360 removal tool


The file contains w32.SillyIM virus which can affect a computer pretty badly. W32.SillyIM can be detected and removed by reputable security tools. Make sure your anti-spyware/anti-virus is up-to-date; it might unable to remove w32.SillyIM infection otherwise.



If you open your web browser and end up at Precata.com with no idea how it happened, your web browser is hijacked. Use anti-spyware as soon as possible to deal with this infection.

If your web browser constantly redirects you to pancolp.com , it’s a clear sign of browser hijacker. Run anti-spyware scan with no hesitation to detect and remove this threat.

Pantomi.com is a rogue website. If this address appears in the address bar of your web browser, it’s a symptom of browser hijacker.

System Booster 2009 or SystemBooster 2009, is a fake optimizer program that may be heavily promoted on malicious websites over the internet including http://www.systembooster2009.com. System Booster 2009 does not “boost” the performance of your computer. In reality, System Booster 2009 may slow down your computer because it is really designed to promote itself through popups or aggravating messages that tell computer users that they have system errors or system risks. System Booster 2009 may be advertised on hacker web pages that say it is the best program to fix all problems. One thing they fail to mention is that System Booster 2009 is your problem. Do not ever trust the System Booster 2009 program and for goodness sake, never purchase the System Booster 2009 program